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Miss Bates is teaching one of our amazing Kindergarten classes in 2018.

Class organisation

Library - Monday.

Chinese Lesson - Tuesday.

Scripture - Thursday at 12.30pm.

Sport - Friday after recess.

Fitness - Monday and Wednesday.

Crunch and sip - every day.  

Speaking and listening groups - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10:40am.

Homework - distributed and returned every day.

K-2 class assembly - Fortnightly on Fridays at 9:20am.

Principal's assembly - Weeks 5 and 10 Fridays at 9:20am.

Assembly items - Term 2 Week 7 (hosting assembly) and Term4  Week 7 (class name).

During Term 3, Beta class had so much fun!

We enjoyed participating in many whole school and stage events.

The highlight of our Term was attending the Calmsley Hill Farm excursion where we were able to explore and use all of the wonderful things we learnt about in class over the last 9 weeks.