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Mrs Sayle is teaching our amazing year 2 class in 2018. 

Class organisation

  • Library – Wednesday.
  • Chinese Lessons – Tuesday.
  • Scripture – Thursday.
  • Sport – Friday.
  • Fitness – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
  • Crunch and sip – Every day.
  • Homework – Handed out and returned on Fridays. 
  • Home Reader – Handed out and returned on Mondays. 
  • K-2 Assembly – Fortnightly on Fridays at 9:20am. 
  • Principal assembly – weeks 5 and 10 Fridays at 9:20am.
  • Assembly Item – Term 1 Week 6 and Term 3, Week 2.

Term 2 Week 7

This week in Symmetry class, we have been learning about fractions. We have been investigating fractions that can be found in our daily lives. Our favorite place to find fractions is in the kitchen! When we make cakes we follow a procedure and use fractions to measure the ingredients

We made fraction fairy bread. Some people cut their slice of bread into halves, quarters and eighths

Most people thought their fractions were delicious!

Term 1 Week 11

This week, Symmetry class travelled to the Power House Museum in the City! It was an amazing day.

"The Lab was the best part of the whole excursion!".- Saxon Borkowski

"I liked looking at the things that people used to use in the past"- Lacey Williams

I am very proud of the exceptional behaviour displayed by Symmetry class during the whole day. Well done! 

Term 1 Week 2

In Symmetry class we have hit the ground running. We have been doing some really exciting things in English and maths. This week, we wrote our spelling words in chalk outside as well as neatly in our books. We also used the lego to create symmetrical shapes.

In Symmetry class, we are very proud of our fantastic behaviour and learning skills. This week we have been learning about bullying and about how important it is to be kind to each other.

"Bullying is something mean that happens more than once" Tyce Brien

"Bullying can be hitting or kicking but it can also be mean words" Grant Koerts

"If we see someone being bullied, we should help them and tell them it's okay" Molly Howard

"Bullying is not allowed at our school because we have to be respectful to everyone" Alexander Nelson