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Canteen Menu September 2018 (PDF 2.1MB)

From Monday 3rd September (week 7), the canteen will have a new menu that has lots of new healthy items.

They are phasing out the less healthy items and replacing them with fresh, natural ingredients that will be made from scratch on the premises.

Although the new Healthy Canteen guidelines do not commence until 2020, as a community, we want to be the first in the region to make the changes.

There are lots of amazing new foods that the kids will love.

“Healthy Canteens whole philosophy is to provide your children with healthy alternatives. Renae, our canteen lady, has built up great relationships with the community and all of the students, and it’s time to phase the non-healthy alternatives out of the canteen for good.

Each day, the kids are so eager to try the fresh cooked food, and the sales of our healthy counter items have significantly increased, so the time is now to make the change.

Healthy Canteens is only going to get better as we truly want what is best for our students”