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Class Smart is taught by Mrs Deborah Smith.

Class Organisation

  • Library – Monday 9:40am
  • Chinese Lessons – Tuesday
  • Scripture – Thursday
  • Sport – Wednesday
  • Fitness – Thursday and Friday
  • Crunch and Sip – Daily
  • Homework – Due on Fridays
  • Home Reader - Due on News Days
  • Assembly –  Friday morning around 9:15am, every second week
  • Assembly Item – Term 2 Week 9 

In Smart we are learning about being Determined learners and going through the "dip" which is a place in learning where things are hard and confusing and if we keep being determined we will come out of the "dip" and be all the better for our efforts. We will eventually arrive at our learning goals. Thomas Edison found 1000 ways NOT to make a light bulb before he found the way that DID make the light bulb and the world has been all the better for his struggling through the "dip."