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Class Vikings


Vikings Class!


Class Vikings have had an exciting and productive year so far and are so proud to share their achievements with our community!

Our enthusiastic Year 2 students have been working hard, both individually and as a team, to explore various key learning areas and have developed some fantastic skills to encourage their success. Here are just some of the highlights from our wonderful journey together thus far.


In English, our students have been using their research and writing skills to create fantastic information reports on some fascinating animals. We delved into the world of the Australian eastern water dragon, learned about the majestic lion, discovered the mysteries of the great white shark and explored the unique features of the puffer fish. The students summarised key facts about each of these animals and presented their findings in well-structured information reports. We are currently publishing our favourite piece of writing and are excited to have them displayed in the classroom shortly!

In mathematics, our young mathematicians have been busy working with data and column graphs. They have learned how to gather data, analyse it and represent it visually using graphs. The students took part in exciting activities where they gathered data to answer real-life questions and solve problems within our school environment. From investigating the types of rubbish found in Area 1 to identifying the birds we frequently encounter in our school's vicinity, and even exploring the types of fruits and vegetables we consume during Crunch and Sip, Vikings Class have recognised how mathematics truly is part of our everyday life!

This Friday, we are thrilled to showcase our assembly item! Vikings Class have been preparing a remarkable performance that revolves around the Vikings, who they were and what we have learnt from them. Through this assembly, we aim to inspire and remind ourselves that our desire to discover, learn more and persist in the face of challenges is what makes us champions. Our students have put in a tremendous effort to rehearse their lines and practise their dance to present an unforgettable performance. We will be looking out for our awesome Vikings parents and families in the audience! We hope you enjoy!

Thank you to our wonderful parents for your ongoing support this year. Our children are so fortunate to have a special home-school partnership that together, provides a nurturing environment for our students to thrive and become lifelong learners.